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Automated Security Operations and Incident Response

SOCAutomation is an information security automation and orchestration platform that transforms incident response. It enables organisations to clearly define what constitutes an incident and then clearly communicates the process to handle it throughout the company and if necessary, across third parties.

This innovative Security Fabric utilises all security tools and brings them into one platform, streamlining the incident response process. This orchestration security process uses a methodology based on the SANS 6 steps to incident response, creating cohesion throughout the organisation.

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New Vendors

We believe that there will always be brilliant security solutions available that go undiscovered due to limited exposure. This is why we specifically look for outstanding vendors that are new to the industry, that offer something truly impressive.

From the best of British to new players in EMEA, we hand-pick security solutions that we think will be invaluable to our customers.

Click the button below to take a look at our newest vendors that continue to impress our technical team and customers.

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What the Industry is Talking About

Press Release: Flowmon Partners with CyberKombat to Train Next Generation Security Experts

August 25, 2016

Press Release, Prague (CZ)/Luton (UK) - Flowmon Networks, a provider of network monitoring and security solutions, today announced the alliance with CyberKombat, an attack/defence experience training program designed to test and develop a security operations centre (SOC) teams’ response to an incident. This combination enables a hands-on experience between Flowmon and CyberKombat, hugely enhancing the capabilities of security teams.

With the modern day cyber threat constantly changing, it is of utmost importance for security teams to be...

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Satisnet Ltd, Basepoint Innovation Centre, 110 Butterfield Great Marlings, Luton, Bedfordshire, LU2 8DL

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