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Eternal Rocks To Use Seven Exploits in Comparison to WannaCry's Two

Cybersecurity researchers have discovered a new exploit which uses seven of the NSA’s leaked exploits. “EternalRocks”, a new malware, uses the exploits first discovered by the National security agency, experts are describing this malware as “doomsday” which can strike anytime.

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WannaCry – Ransomware explosion hits hundreds of companies around the world

By now, we’ve all heard of the events of Friday 12th May. One of the largest, highly-profiled ransomware attacks struck the NHS and other organisations, but few are probably aware of the scale of the assault. Targets were also attacked in Spain, Brazil, Russia, India, China and throughout EMEA – this attack hit hard throughout the world.

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10 Steps To An Effective Ransomware Protection Strategy

In light of the recent widespread takedown of NHS systems by Wanna Decryptor 2 ransomware, at the forefront of many CISO’s thoughts this weekend will be how to protect their enterprise data against falling foul of the many varieties of ransomware available in the wild.

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