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DarkTrace Threat Visualizer

Shine a light into your network

Darktrace’s Threat Visualizer leverages the Enterprise Immune System technology to represent global enterprise network activity in a manner that is designed for use by both C-level executives and threat analysts. In the increasingly complex threat landscape, the Threat Visualizer will use the underlying Bayesian algorithms to dynamically identify threats that are genuinely anomalous so that organisations can focus attention and expertise appropriately.
The Threat Visualizer allows you to see what is happening in your enterprise globally, visually representing all network activity and connections, both external and internal, between all machines and users. It works at both a high level, flagging diverse threats and anomalies for the analyst’s attention, and at a more granular level, allowing you to drill down and view specific clusters of activity, subnets and host events.

Real-time global threat mapping

Designed for both C-level executives and threat analysts

Unique global view of enterprise

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