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How Your Trade Secret Can Be Leaked

How Your Trade Secret Can Be Leaked

How Your Trade Secret Can Be Leaked

A new precedent is being seen across borders worldwide – handing over your smart phone to airport security. When a US born NASA scientist Sidd Bikkannavar was pressured into giving his NASA owned smart phone and PIN code across to Border Patrol agents - who consequently vanished for thirty minutes with both pieces of information – until he was free to leave.

This raises two interesting observations – firstly, and more importantly (although it will not be covered in this post…) is your personal data safe? Is it right for you to hand your personal data over every time you cross a border? Where is privacy in 2017?

Secondly – how can any corporation protect its intellectual property if its employees could be forced to hand it over when crossing a border.

Who knows what untold data NASA (or you..) could have lost had it of been a border in a different country, and who knows the personal responsibility an employee could fall victim to had they been placed in that position.

Personally – I foresee a new industry for corporate burner phones being the new trend in 2017, if we’re quick I might see you all in the stock exchanges.

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