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Perfect Visibility, Perfect Segmentation

Illumio delivers adaptive security that works across the largest data centers and cloud computing environments. Our customers gain live visibility, adaptive micro-segmentation, and instant encryption without dependencies on the network or hypervisor, and thus can run on all workloads across all environments.

The Illumination service is like having an MRI machine for your data center and cloud. Illumination builds a live interactive map of all application dependencies. It alerts you to any security policy violations across your data centers and clouds, and gives you the ability to quarantine bad actors in seconds.

The Illumio Adaptive Security Platform (ASP) attaches adaptive segmentation and enforcement to your workloads, allowing you to secure individual applications and processes without changing subnets, firewalls rules, zones, VLANs—or any of your infrastructure.


See live application traffic and policy violations


Nano-segment applications down to individual VMs, servers, and processes


Protect your data with instant encryption

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Illumio ASP is a distributed software platform designed to continuously protect communications within and across tiers of applications, wherever they are running. It creates secure and granular segmentation to compartmentalize workloads and applications, reducing the attack surface exposed to cyber vulnerabilities.

Illumio ASP is decoupled from the infrastructure. It supports all modern server computing formats (Windows/Linux, virtual machines, containers) and all computing environments (data center, private and public cloud).

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