Market Sectors

Satisnet has over 10 years experience working with a variety of organisations across a multitude of industries.

We continue to keep our knowledge of standards, policies and procedures applicable to their clients such as GCSx, PCI Compliance and ISO 27001.

Here are just a few of the sectors we work with.

Local Government

With the range of security solutions and technical resources that we possess, we are able to help over half of the Local Government organisations in the UK with projects connected to GCSx. Understanding compliance regulations, PCI and auditing allows us to continue to work with Local Government and provide relevant training and consultancy.

Finance and Insurance

We have worked with financial and insurance organisations since the very beginning. Our work with some of the world’s leading financial banks and insurance companies has remained an interesting challenge. With ever-changing protocol and policy within these industries, new solutions and products need to be introduced in a professional and efficient manner by a company they can trust.

Retail and eCommerce

With so much selling and purchasing taking place online, , we have established many new relationships with both retail and eCommerce companies, offering products and services to keep their business booming and sensitive information secure.


Working with Universities, Schools and Colleges across the UK is something our team is well equipped for. Our relationships with some of the top Universities and Colleges in the country allow us to introduce efficient, impressive and affordable IT security within the sector.

NHS and Emergency Services

We are a trusted IT security supplier for many of the NHS authorities and Emergency services across the UK and Ireland. With data security as a must within these industries, we lend their expertise to this area, offering advice and best practise.

Our Customers

Satisnet has received many testimonials from satisfied clients. More examples.