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Cybercriminals compete through customer support and guarantees

Hacking was once the domain of extremely tech-savvy experts, but in recent years it has evolved into a diverse market complete with industry verticals, specialisations and intense competition that sees groups who aren’t willing to adapt fall by the wayside as more dynamic services take their place.

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If your network visibility is below standard, your security probably is too

It’s surprising how many businesses have IT and security staff making critical security decisions based on little or no up-to-date information. Auditors view the documented policies and can see that vulnerability scans and penetration testing are taking place. Management reads the audit reports and hears that everything is in order on the network because IT says so. Yet organisations are still becoming victims of attacks from both the inside and outside.

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The power of App-ID in Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewall

App-ID is a critical feature of the next-generation firewall from Palo Alto Networks. In fact, the company believes it is one of the features that lead to the market’s acceptance of next-generation firewalls and established Palo Alto Networks as a clear leader.

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Tripwire’s top tips for successfully implementing your security control

If you’ve discovered a security gap at your organisation, and you’ve found a possible solution together with the required funding, then you’re half way to successfully implementing a new security control. Here are some suggestions from Tripwire for actions you should consider to ensure the success of your project:

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Which industry is at the top of the cybersecurity class?

Tenable’s inaugural Global Cybersecurity Assurance Report Card graded cybersecurity around the world by asking over 500 security professionals to grade their organisations’ ability to assess cyber security risks and to mitigate threats that can exploit those risks. The company awarded grades from a somewhat acceptable B- to a barely passing grade of D.

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Firemon’s 10 firewall management resolutions for the new year

As we leave 2015 behind and look forward to the coming year, in addition to any personal new year resolutions you may be thinking about, you should consider taking a look at your organisation’s firewalls too. Firemon has helpfully provided 10 best practices for improving firewall management to your list.

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