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Weaponize Yourself to Identify Security Gaps

Picus Security is the first and only solution that assesses your organisation's readiness against cyber threats by revealing undetected attacks in your security system. This vital information not only creates awareness about current prevention capabilities but also supports remediation activities.

  • Picus Assessment Software works harmlessly on your production systems, testing 1000+ real world samples of recent cyberattacks
  • Instantly test whether your system is resilient for attack methods used in the latest cyber security incidents
  • Picus assessments reveal both technology limitations and configuration problems of security devices (aka empty part of the glass)

Assess Network Security Devices

Picus tests how your security devices respond to real-world cyber attacks in your production network. There’s no need to build a lab environment as Picus can carefully assess security devices with no security vendor or technology limitations

Real World Cyber Attacks

Picus proprietary attack database includes the recent and most up-to-date cyber attacks for various threat categories and the dynamic obfuscation techniques used by hackers

Continuous Oversight

Picus can continuously assess security devices to measure their availability and effectiveness against the latest known threats by most major compliance and regulatory bodies like BASEL II, ISO 27001 and PCI-Data

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