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Balabit Blindspotter


Blindspotter™ is a monitoring tool that maps and profiles user behaviour to reveal human risk. It integrates a variety of contextual information in addition to logs, processes them using a unique algorithm, and offers a wide range of outputs from warnings to automatic interventions. Blindspotter™ is an advanced component of the Contextual Security Intelligence Suite. It discovers previously unknown risks and guides the investigation of threats through CSI Risk.

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Real-time insights on user behaviour

Blindspotter is analysing the fetched data in real-time by the implemented machine learning algorithms. Using the gathered data it establishes a profile for all users and starts comparing activities to that baseline immediately and continuously.

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Continuous self-learning

Users in an IT environment leave digital footprints in the system. Blindspotter collects these footprints from different sources to build up a behaviour profile. After having the data it uses special data science algorithms to add more value to the information, to transform this mass of data into actionable intelligence.

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Pattern free operation

Blindspotter doesn’t require setting up and maintaining patterns of "known bad" behaviour. What's more, it also does not require any additional probes or agents to be deployed, it uses data that is already available and is already being collected. Blindspotter identifies "normal" behaviour and detects deviations from that normal baseline by using various machine learning algorithms.

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