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Bromium Advanced Endpoint Security

Complete protection against both known and unknown threats

Bromium Advanced Endpoint Security addresses the inescapable realities of vulnerable software and targeted advanced persistent attacks (APTs) that trick users into executing malware that is impossible to detect or prevent using traditional tools. Bromium not only protects the endpoint but also makes the entire enterprise security infrastructure more effective and less expensive to use by providing unmatched visibility into an attacker’s strategy, tactics and techniques.

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Complete protection against both known and unknown attacks

  • Harnesses unique CPU-enforced task isolation
  • Protects across the Web, email, documents, USB and executables
  • Defeats all malware from viruses and trojans to zero-day attacks and advanced persistent threats, even on unpatched machines
  • Protects all users on or off the corporate network
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Comprehensive real-time detection for any malicious execution on every endpoint and each hardware-isolated task

  • Delivers real-time alerts with comprehensive forensic intelligence for each attack
  • Enables enterprises to quickly detect and contain an attempted breach in progress
  • Continually monitors and verifies the security of the operating system and its trusted applications
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Rapid incident response leveraging real-time events, without false positives, from all enterprise endpoints

  • Consolidates and correlates all sensor data for real-time visualization of the entire attack kill chain
  • Enables search across all online and offline endpoints for Indicators of Attack and Compromise
  • Integrates threat intelligence from the Bromium threat cloud to generate forensic detail for each attack

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