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RANSOMCARE: Not just another expensive Endpoint solution

RANSOMCARE doesn’t need to be installed on your Clients/Endpoints, which makes implementation hassle-free. RANSOMCARE provides you with a new, revolutionary Last Line of Defence and Inside-The-Firewall Protection; detecting ALL types of Ransomware, whether they are known or unknown. The usage and traffic around all files are monitored using multiple detection strategies, with any suspicious usage raising an instant alert and immeadiately isolating and shutting down the infected User/Client.


RANSOMCARE monitors your file servers, constantly looking for any signs of a Ransomware attack. RANSOMCARE will detect and stop any attack, regardless of whether it entered via email, website, Skype, USB-key, false attachments or even manually deployed by someone inside your organisation.


RANSOMCARE will react within seconds of an unexpected file encryption taking place, alerting the Security Operations Centre (SOC) team or any other selected people, teams or systems by communicating the status of the incident and coordinating the required response with stakeholders via email, SMS, IOS/Android app or SIEM integration.


RANSOMCARE will provide you with a full log of all files or folders that need to be recovered from your backup. The speedy data-recovery process will reduce any potential downtime, saving you valuable time with minimal cost of recovery, allowing you to continue your operation. Your organisation will safely and quickly get back to normal without you having to pay the ransom.

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