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Cb Endpoint Security Platform

The most complete endpoint security solution

The Cb Endpoint Security Platform helps organisations of all sizes replace ineffective antivirus, lock down endpoints and critical systems, and arm incident response teams with the most advanced tools to hunt down threats.

Stop the most attacks

Prevent file-based attacks including malware and ransomware. Stop next-generation attacks such as memory-based, PowerShell, script-based, and obfuscated malware.

See every threat

Complete visibility into blocked attacks – what happened, what was impacted. Simplify remediation through a single pane of glass.

Deploy at any Scale

Deploy in 15 minutes, no impact to end users or endpoint performance.

Product Modules

Replace Antivirus with The Most Powerful Next-Gen Antivirus Solution

Cb Defense is a next-generation anti-virus solution for desktops, laptops, and servers that protects computers from the full spectrum of modern cyber attacks, delivering the best endpoint protection with the least amount of work.

Using a combination of endpoint and cloud-based technologies, Cb Defense stops more attacks than other NGAV products. Its deep analytic approach inspects files and identifies malicious behaviour to block both malware and increasingly common malware-less attacks that exploit memory and scripting languages like PowerShell.

Market-leading incident response and threat hunting

Cb Response is the most precise IR and threat hunting solution, allowing you to get the answers you need faster than any other tool. Only Cb Response continuously records and captures all threat activity so you can hunt threats in real time, visualise the complete attack kill chain, and then respond and remediate attacks, quickly.

The result is zero-gap endpoint visibility. Investigations are accelerated because the information you need is always available and you always have conclusive answers to your questions. Alert validation and triage streamlined because the details of what caused an alert are always at your fingertips.

The market-leading application control solution

Cb Protection provides the most proven application control solution for enterprise endpoints and critical systems. With Cb Protection, IT, compliance, infrastructure, and security teams establish automated software execution controls and protection policies that safeguard corporate and customer data.

Cb Protection works with existing software distribution systems and reputation services to automate approval of trusted software and eliminate whitelist management. This level of control reduces the attack surface of highly-sensitive and targeted systems such as desktops, laptops, servers, point-of-sale devices, and others to eliminate system downtime due to malware and ensure regulatory compliance.

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