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Company Users Not Threatened by the Serious Consequences of Pop-Ups Malware

Tuesday 12th June 2018

Company Users Not Threatened by the Serious Consequences of Pop-Ups Malware

Have you ever had a pop-up? Have you ever worried about the harm? Have you ever had one come up when you needed to be professional? Well if so sit back, strap in and enjoy this quick guide on how to avoid these circumstances so you too can have a safe environment like Satisnet…

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Having good anti-virus is crucial when trying to fight against the threats presented in pop-ups. This is since most pop-ups these days include malware which will damage your machine. An effective AV will scan the machine to make sure that if you have clicked on anything you shouldn’t have the Anti-virus will be able to pick this up for you and help to resolve this. The problem is most anti-virus solutions don’t provide an effective malware detection as they don’t have an effective malware scanning system. A software solution I would suggest which provides by far the best protection is Trend Micro Office Scan. This the best way to protect your system from virus’ and malware as it is the leading software in anti-virus solutions.


You get what you Pay for so if you buy something cheap you will know that it isn’t the safest. For example, you wouldn’t buy chairs with broken arms, not comfy seats and appalling backrests. You would spend a little bit of money to get an effective chair to give the user the most ergonomic comfort. This works the same when in a cybersecurity company. Imagine you needed an effective anti-virus solution to help protect you if you have clicked on a pop-up, but to save money you went for a cheap or free option. This would increase the security risk massively as it will not have the appropriate standard which a company should be looking to achieve. This would cause a drastic effect on your business, as if malware got in it would cause some serious damage which is hard to reverse.


This is the biggest tip I will give today as all it takes is one click and that’s it you have let malware in. That one click could have damaged your device and once that has happened there is no going back. Your machine is now no longer safe and everything you do from there is now going to be scrambled egg on toast. To prevent this check before you click anything as you may be clicking on something that contains malware. Try to avoid looking at unsecured online streaming services, for example Putlocker as these are riddled with viruses and malware made specifically to damage your device. DON’T click on any pop-ups that have just appeared saying that you have won something as this is most certainly a virus. Most of the time you would have not signed up for any competition and something just comes up saying you have just won a casual million out of nowhere, something is not right there just close the web page (DON’T click on the x of the pop up as this will still infect you).

Now to end I will leave you with a funny little anecdote of how a pop-up is not good for your company’s reputation…

Someone in my “past” was given a tablet at his place of work so that he could get customers to sign for consultancy purposes. The tablets they were using were Amazon fire and they were very cheap. These machines had advertising running continuously on them. Every now and again a pop up of advertising would appear to promote new products/services. This became an issue when the customer was about to sign the consultancy form a Peppa Pig advert popped up.

I hope this article has taught you it is better to protect your system and not go for the cheap option.