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Cyber Observer

Monitor your entire cybersecurity ecosystem in a single pane of glass

Cyber Observer is a powerful, comprehensive and easy-to-use management solution that enables security domain managers, CISOs, and senior infosec executives to easily manage their cybersecurity programs. Developed by cybersecurity experts, Cyber Observer's patented core engine uses custom Critical Security Controls (CSCs) to present a clear picture of the status and preparedness of the entire cybersecurity ecosystem in near-real time, alerting to breaches and threats as they arise and prioritizing a road-map of actions to ensure organizations are continually improving their security posture.

Security Infrastructure Status and Steps to Improve

Cyber Observer reveals the security tools infrastructure gaps that exist and which need to be closed. This, in turn, provides the organizations with the best indicators as to the types of cybersecurity solutions with functionality issues, are misconfigured in order to provide complete cybersecurity protection.

Alerts on Deviation from Normal Activity

Cyber Observer calculates scores that on-line represent normal daily activity, it then alerts in case of deviation from normal activity.

Current Security Status and Steps to Improve

Cyber Observer's methodology is based on continuously implementing, retrieving and analyzing cyber security based CSCs from all relevant data sources existing in the organization. CSCs are customized to meet the needs of each organization, and quantified to establish baselines for each security domain and for overall security within the cyber eco-system.

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