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Everything You Need To Know About Shavlik 9.3

Everything You Need To Know About Shavlik 9.3

Everything You Need To Know About Shavlik 9.3

As Shavlik seems to be keeping up its quarterly updates, this time 9.3 here is everything you need to know about it so far!

Shavlik has recently got acquired by Ivanti so the first big area of change is the name, it is now taken on the name of Ivanti Patch for Windows Servers although the name change it is still keeping the version structure.

So you might all be asking, when is it due for release?

The targeted release date for 9.3 is the end of Q1 so expect a software update for your patch management solution very soon! It is currently in testing phase and we have managed to grab a copy of this beta so expect some more content on what it can do soon!

You may also be asking what exactly the new features are, we’ve got the product manager for Ivanti patch to answer this one in case we missed anything out!

What are the new features?

  • API calls for Scan, Deploy, Power State, Wake on LAN, Patch Group, Credential Management.
    • Facilitate integration with Vulnerability Scanners.
    • Facilitate integration with Orchestrators.
    • Allow scripting of complex scenarios with many dependencies on other machines (Clusters, F5 server pools, tiered applications, etc…)
  • Ability to group Machine Groups, Patch Groups, Templates in a hierarchical structure in the left navigation folder path
    • Groups can be moved by drag and drop.
    • Ability to execute a Run Operation on any level in the hierarchy and it will include all children below that level.
  • Snapshot Cleanup as background task.
    • Schedule cleanup independent of a deployment task
  • Stage Deployment as a separate schedulable step
    • 4 discreet schedulable points in patching process (Scan , Stage, Execute and Reboot – in deploy template)
    • Set initial scan time and set an offset which is with respect to the scan time (if offset time is passed, the next task will start immediately after the previous task completes)
  • New IAVA reports
    • Machine Compliance and Machine Non-Compliance
  • New Query to support download of missing patches
  • Thread Management
    • Global setting to allow a global maximum thread count per CPU
  • Search Features extended to more areas
    • Machine Group > Hosted Tab
    • Scan View and Machine View in the Patch Pane
  • New Group and Filter options in grids
    • Ability to fliter out by headers so that Information and Service Pack Missing items can be hidden.
    • Ability to do more elaborate filters across multiple columns and to do group by options to group by any column

We are also pleased to tell you that Ivanti Patch is also able to patch Linux machines! This is all thanks to the acquisition of HEAT.