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Exabeam Platform

Behavior-Based Security Intelligence

The Exabeam behavior-based security intelligence platform combines advanced data science with powerful security analytics to create Stateful User Tracking capabilities. Stateful User Tracking is what enables Exabeam UEBA to proactively hunt for threats, follow a user's tracks wherever they go in your network, automatically identify risky behaviour, and present risky profiles to your security analysts—saving them hours and days in sifting through thousands of alerts and false positives.

Stateful User Tracking

Exabeam uniquely transforms security analytics by connecting individual user events into activity sessions. Stateful User Tracking automatically stitches together users’ activities into a distinctive session data model as they use different account credentials, change devices, and appear under different IP addresses.

Advanced Data Science

Exabeam flags risky activity using advanced statistical analysis with baseline profiling for deviation measurement. Analysis is based on categorical data, numerical data, and contextual information. Categorical data includes events that fall into specific quantifiable categories, such as the number of logons for a user from a specific country.

Threat Hunting

Threat Hunter is an Exabeam security intelligence query tool that uses State- ful User Tracking session data models to complement user behavior analysis. Exabeam Threat Hunter enables security analysts to search and pivot across multiple dimensions of user activity to find sessions that contain specific unusual behaviors or find users that match certain criteria.

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