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Extra resources for vulnerability scanning with Tenable

Extra resources for vulnerability scanning with Tenable

Extra resources for vulnerability scanning with Tenable

Having a vulnerability scanner like or SecurityCenter is a crucial part of your internal security practices, but so often I hear our customers asking for additional help with understanding or interpreting scan results, or building actionable reports for their business.

To assist with this there are a number of resources at your disposal to assist. First and foremost, has a variety of dashboard and reports built in to the application so you can report natively on the following without requiring any data manipulation:

Dashboard Chart

All of the above is already included with your subscription, and better yet you can produce any of these reports or dashboards so that they are focussed on a range of devices of your choosing, making it even easier to report to service owners within your business.

When it comes to Tenable SecurityCenter however, the list of reports and dashboards is not feasibly listed in a simple table like above as the number of each is theoretically unlimited, as they are all editable to match any requirements you have. Some useful links first of all:

Using the three of the above you can see how quickly you can take your existing scanning and enhance the information you’re giving back to the business.

However it doesn’t end there. Each report and dashboard is built from template components which can be merged into any customer report or dashboard you like. E.G. in the ISO/IEC27000 Vulnerability Management dashboard ( there is a component called “Vulnerability Summary – Exploitable Vulnerabilities”. You could create a customer dashboard and add just this component if you have that requirement. Important note to remember is that all dashboards created can also be sent out as reports on a schedule of your choosing as well.

If however you need some help, that’s where we can step in. If you’d like some time with one of our fully trained Tenable Security Engineers please get in touch with us today!