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First Month Without Patches?

First Month Without Patches?

First Month Without Patches?

February? The first month without a patch release from Microsoft. Has Microsoft stopped releasing patches?

It was announced in February that there were no patch releases by Microsoft. Microsoft announced that they had encountered server issues and would not be able to resolve them in time for Patch Tuesday in February.

However, on a side note there were still some patch releases from Adobe regarding Flash and IE. These were released throughout the month rather than specifically on patch Tuesday.

As you may have already noticed but it has gone unnoticed by the public. Microsoft was criticised due to its new update model and now according to news sources this has been the largest Microsoft update release in history. Before the new model was released a single patch could be pulled from the release without affecting Patch Tuesday. This could mean that one minor update could have broken the concept of Patch Tuesday. Nevertheless, could this be more serious, as Microsoft didn’t release anything.

Anyhow, this is still a problem for consumers, as there is a delay in patch releases. Meaning more machines and servers could be vulnerable as there is a longer time period of patch exposures.

On a side note Ivanti (Shavlik) continued to release patches as normal, they managed to still release patches for Adobe and several other third party vendors.

Now all we have to do is waiting until March’s Patch Tuesday to see if there is a release, otherwise does that mean January was the last Patch Tuesday.