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IBM Guardium

Near real-time data security and monitoring

IBM Security Guardium products help to ensure the security, privacy and integrity of information in your data center. These data security products support heterogeneous environments including databases, data warehouses, file shares and Hadoop-based systems for custom and packaged applications on all leading operating platforms.

Product Versions

Protect sensitive data - wherever it resides

IBM Security Guardium Data Activity Monitor prevents unauthorized data access, alerts on changes or leaks to help ensure data integrity, automates compliance controls and protects against internal and external threats. Continuous monitoring and real time security policies protect data across the enterprise, without changes or performance impact to data sources or applications. Guardium Data Activity Monitor protects data wherever it resides, and centralizes risk controls and analytics with a scalable architecture that provides 100% visibility on data activity. It supports the broadest set of data source types, and it is the market leader for big data security solutions.

Uncover risks to sensitive data

Monitor and audit all data activity – for all data access, change control and user activities

Create a centralised normalised repository of audit data – for enterprise compliance, reporting and forensics

Encrypt sensitive data to help ensure compliance

IBM Security Guardium Data Encryption provides encryption capabilities to help you safeguard structured and unstructured data and comply with industry and regulatory requirements. This software performs encryption and decryption operations with minimal performance impact and requires no changes to databases, applications or networks.

Transparent, rapid implementation – requires no changes to applications, the underlying database or hardware infrastructure

Centralised key and policy management – delivers a unified management system to help simplify data security management

Compliance-ready capabilities - provide granular auditing and reporting to help you meet data governance requirements

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