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Ivanti Security Controls

Do More with Less with the Right Security

Ivanti Security controls is the combined formula of Patch for Windows integrated with Patch for Linux and Application Control. This critical security controls combination creates a cohesive bond across the best patch management, privilege management and whitelisting solutions on the market.
Achieve simplified security with Ivanti Security Controls with unified and automated prevention, detection and response techniques that target your biggest attack vectors – all tailored to your organisation.

Security Controls Key Features

  • Discover vulnerabilities by scanning physical and virtual systems for missing patches
  • Assess and deploy agentless patches to workstations and servers
  • Patch REST APIs are available to integrate with your other secruity tooling
  • Go from CVE to patch group in minutes by automatically taking in any vulnerability assessment across all vendors
  • Create flexible and preventive policies for dynamic whitelisting
  • Real-time dashboards from multiple sources for advanced reporting in a single view


Patches for Windows/Linux machines

Detect and remediate OS and third-party app vulnerabilities on systems running Windows and Red Hat Linux

Virtual server patching

Discover and patch physical servers and VM's regardless of power-state and if they are offline

Key Issues

Grant correct privileges to your users

Allow the users to do what they needs to do, but with controlled privileges

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