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Real-Time Security Awareness Training

Junglemap is a new type of user awareness training tool. It uses a unique technique called 'NanoLearning', that offers short, simple lessons over a period of time, so users aren't flooded with too much information. NanoLearning helps us cut out all the noise and just focus on what matters. The learning is meant to be quick, sometimes as little as a minute and never over 15 minutes. You take content that was originally all bunched together and break it out into separate “quick-hit” courses. Learners are able to access this content on their own and take it at their own pace, never being overwhelmed or worn down. The NanoLearning strategy is a seamless parallel to our employee’s needs for just-in-time information, allowing them to learn a specific area, when they need it.

Proactive Awareness Training

Lessons are able to be deployed as and when they’re needed. For example, a new phishing attack is reported by a user, and the organisation is certain that many similar ‘phishing time bomb emails’ are sitting in the other users mailboxes. Junglemap is able to issue a quick anti-phishing course to all the users, stating the email subject header and content to specify what to watch out for. This is a 30 second course delivered via phone and email.

Experience Level Identification

Flow based NanoLearning provides a mechanism to quickly understand where each user is in their understanding curve, and then deliver the appropriate NanoLearning to them, so users that are proficient on a topic only cover what they need to, and aren’t forced to sit a whole ‘monolithic’ course.

Streamlined User Experience

Junglemap has no user login, dashboard or menu that the users need to use. Lessons are delivered immediately to the users via email, the users then open the lessons in their browser and complete them quickly and easily. Because of this, lessons deployed via Junglemap have a very low drop-out rate and offer immediate organisational effect.

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