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Behavioural Attack Detection

LightCyber was founded by cyber warfare experts to help security analysts answer one question: Would you know if an active attack was underway in your network?

LightCyber Magna is a new behavioural attack detection platform developed with the recognition that targeted attackers can circumvent legacy threat prevention systems, and then operate with unfettered access to network resources – what we call the breach detection gap. Magna provides accurate and efficient security visibility into advanced or targeted attacks, insider threats, and malware that have circumvented traditional security controls.

Magna delivers alerts that include automated investigative data with rich user, endpoint, and network context enabling swift triage and resolution. The Magna platform delivers unmatched accuracy due to the breadth of data context included in the behavioral profiling process, including both network (DPI) and endpoint (agentless) data. The result is an ability to detect and stop attacks before damage is done, without having to wade through 100’s or thousands of alerts a day.

Detection Accuracy

Reduced attack dwell time and damage done

Operational Efficiency

Low volume of highly actionable alerts

Integrated Remediation

Integration with market leading 3rd party security tools

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