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Modifying Carbon Black Response Users Without Access To The GUI

Modifying Carbon Black Response Users Without Access To The GUI

Modifying Carbon Black Response Users Without Access To The GUI

In this blog I will show you how to do a change password, unlock a user and add a user to carbon black response without access to the GUI. Please note this works for all versions of response.

There might be certain occasions where you cannot access to the GUI as expected such as the global admin has forgotten their password or their account is locked. If you have access to the CLI of the response server we can change the user’s password as shown below:

1st Step

The first step of this guide is that you will need a root account, we can see that we are successfully logged in to the account as shown below

2nd Step

3rd Step

The first thing we will be doing is changing the password of my own account, the command that I have entered can be seen below:

/usr/share/cb/cbpasswd --reset=<user>

Please note when you are typing in the new password note no characters will be displayed.

4th Step

When you have entered the new password and confirmed it, there will not be any success error just a new line in the command line interface.

5th Step

I have also gone ahead and unlocked the user’s account which can be done with the following command:

/usr/share/cb/cbpasswd --unlock=<user>

Once again there will be no success message however a new line will be shown, if the user you are trying to lock does not exist then you will get an error as shown below:

6th Step

We can also create a new GUI account from the CLI with the command shown below:

/usr/share/cb/cbpasswd --add=<user>

7th Step

It will then prompt you for the same information that it would ask you for as if you were doing it through the GUI.

Carbon Black Log In Page

We can then confirm the account has been successfully created by login in to it via the GUI.

Welcome to Carbon Black Page

Success! We have successfully created and logged into the account. Now I am just going to check that the details I specified have successfully applied.

My Profile

I have then hovered over my username in the top right and clicked on my profile to see the account information that we entered before.