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Today’s cyber landscape changes in the blink of an eye. It’s critical to understand why your business is vulnerable – so you can take the right steps to protect it. According to Ponemon Institute’s report, Measuring & Managing the Cyber Risks to Business…

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Phishing Scams

Monday 28th October 2019

Phishing pages have become deceptively convincing and sophisticated currently compared to the meagre maliciously hosted web pages in the past. FireEye labs previously discovered phishing campaign targeting the financial data and other personal information of Netflix users primarily based in the United…

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Cloud Security

Saturday 29th June 2019

As more organisations are considering transferring to a cloud-based platform; security is becoming more of an importance. Cloud platforms such as Amazon AWS, Google cloud platform and Azure rank security as a top priority. All three platforms provide a wide range of…

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In 7.2.6 QRadar introduced the concept of a custom script that executes as part of a rule response. The use of such scripts is limited and very structured. There are three options for scripting, Bash, Perl and Python. The script must be…

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IBM QRadar DNS Analyzer

Tuesday 12th June 2018

The IBM QRadar DNS Analyzer application provides insights into your local DNS traffic by identifying malicious activity and allowing your security team to be able to detect Domain Generated Algorithm (DGA) or squatting domains that are being accessed from within your network.…

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Have you ever had a pop-up? Have you ever worried about the harm? Have you ever had one come up when you needed to be professional? Well if so sit back, strap in and enjoy this quick guide on how to avoid…

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With the impact that social media now has on society, both in a positive and negative way, it is important to consider the significance of the information which becomes available as a result. Lately, this source of information has become big news,…

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Veterans to Fill Cyber Security Gaps

Tuesday 24th April 2018

In the face of a growing shortage of cyber security skills around the world, the security industry itself needs to do more to attract people. The cyber security industry needs do a better job at marketing itself, demonstrating what roles are available,…

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SOCAutomation IBM App

Friday 1st December 2017

IBM’s inclusion of apps over the past few releases of QRadar has significantly increased the old saying of a ‘a single pane glass view’. Having the ability to view core infrastructure tooling from the SIEM will enable not only SOC analysts but…

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SIEMonster Overview

Tuesday 14th November 2017

If you are not too clued up on what a SIEM is and how it works have a read below. SIEM’s are becoming very popular with a lot of big companies adopting the solution to manage their IT security. IT infrastructures have…

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