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Advanced Threats

Our belief is if you want to stop advanced threats in the environment, you first need to understand the environment as a whole and the different attack vectors that are required to be protected, from the traditional gateway to the mobile devices, including user’s smart phones.

Incident Response

We can help you understand the types of threats your organisation is facing, like DDoS, malware outbreaks (via phishing or drive by download), as well as existing expertise, tools and processes that are in place to understand how we can assist in optimising the existing strategy.

Managed Services

Our managed service is one of the most flexible in the industry, we make no pre-defined ‘vanilla’ service offering. Our approach is designed in the same way as we like to do business, we spend the time to understand where different organisations require the expertise and if our managed services team are able to bridge that gap.


We go back to basics with the SIEM platform and understand the real requirements of the organisation, ranging from the data that needs to be collected right through to what reports are required within the business for things like security incidents etc.

User Behaviour Analytics

We work with organisations to pro-actively monitor the environment to establish the baseline ‘normal’ user behaviour so this can then be analysed in real-time by security technologies. We then provide the information security teams with a report on why something is suspected to be potentially be a ‘malicious insider’.

Vulnerability and Patch

We can provide you with a clearly defined, integrated vulnerability and patch management platform to ensure that not only are vulnerabilities in software and firmware discovered, but they are remediated within a timely manner, using the appropriate processes for your organisation.