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QRadar 7.3.0

QRadar 7.3.0

QRadar 7.3.0

IBM QRadar Software is a simplified, flexible security intelligence platform with a robust, focused toolset. Through a single console, the QRadar Software platform integrates disparate functions, including SIEM, log management, configuration monitoring, network behaviour anomaly detection, risk management, vulnerability management, network vulnerability scanning, full packet capture, and network forensics into an extensive, streamlined solution.

IBM QRadar Software V7.3 brings greater value to your organisation through the following improvements:

  • Security Operations Center analysts can now:
    • Gain near real-time visibility into the traffic entering and leaving their network: where traffic is going to or coming from; who is sending and receiving; if it is suspicious or malicious; and if it contains business or personal information data.
    • Configure those items that analysts want to search for and extract them from the network flows.
    • Surface complex malicious activity without the need to run repeated searches and group all of the pieces together manually.
  • Federal security officers have greater levels of certification in QRadar.
  • The QRadar administrator can perform an update of QRadar with no more than three minutes of event and flow collection downtime
  • QRadar administrators, users, and customers have the capability to manage their deployments' processing capacity as an aggregate value that can be dispersed to any processing host as needed, at any time.
  • Security teams in your organization benefit from the robust QRadar ecosystem, through continuous development of apps, security content, and capabilities by IBM, vendors, and clients.

IBM QRadar appliance refresh

The QRadar appliance refresh updates features and offers performance enhancements to IBM QRadar xx05 G3 Appliance. This refresh is focused on simplifying setup of security platforms.

QRadar xx05 G3 Appliance can be used by a security operations center analyst to gain visibility into security events through a single user interface solution. This solution consolidates log source event data from thousands of devices distributed across a network, stores every activity in its database, and then performs correlation and analytics to distinguish actionable threats.

  • A single architecture for analysing log, flow, vulnerability, user, and asset data
  • Near real-time correlation and behavioural anomaly detection for identifying high-risk threats
  • High-priority incident detection from among billions of data points
  • Broad visibility into network, application, and user activity; and automated event collection, correlation, and reporting capabilities

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