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The Risks Of Social Media

The Risks Of Social Media

The Risks Of Social Media

Since my future blogs will be ZeroFOX orientated, I wanted to start with the risks involved with social media as ZeroFOX is a cyber security company that can provide real time threat analysis through digital/social platforms. The aim of this blog is to give readers a clear understanding of issues associated.

Advancements made within social media has resulted in a major boost of popularity and businesses use major social media platforms such as: Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin to engage with future and existing customers. Users of social media can find themselves in legal trouble by either posting harassing, abusive behaviours and can even be fired from their job due to statements made online. It is important that staff understand the consequences of content that is posted via social media. Legal risks are being taken more serious now more than ever as many businesses are developing a strong presence online which can cause the business to have a negative impact if legal agreements are not met by staff members. If all staff members learn and use social media as a constructive tool, then it will allow for much more efficient distribution of information. But businesses will need to realise that the ease of information that can be accessed through social media can also lead to “leaked” content which will damage your internal quality control. As a society, we are becoming more dependable with the use of internet; allowing for online businesses to easily target audiences. This creates a growing demand of businesses needing to have a strong online presence to stay with their competition or ahead and not to fall behind.


Reputation is very key and becoming more popular due to markets being more competitive. Customers want to go to a business which they will receive good customer service and purchase the products/service they expect. It is becoming a need for a business to have an online presence as it’s an excellent method to connect to your audience but fully engage with others to boost brand image. The use of social media allows businesses to communicate with their audience which is an advantage because customers can contact you about any queries or issues they have without having to meet in store; this makes it more convenient and improves upon individual engagement. Once having an online presence, customers will be able to have their own opinions regarding their personal experience on the service or product they purchased.

Lack of user understanding

Lack of user understanding occurs when a business misses an opportunity by not communicating clearly. The use of social media gives us and businesses the ability to collaborate with others and enable others to find information at their own convenience. Social media encourages us as users to engage with others and if businesses use this to their advantage then they can create better relations with all their stakeholders. It is important that the business addresses its policies so that the communication between customers and the business itself can all be regulated and done in a legal manner. With markets becoming more popular, it is essential for businesses to adapt to the changes as it can have severe negative impacts on the popularity of the business.