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Satisnet Launch Two New Cloud Managed Service Offerings

Friday 12th June 2020

Satisnet Launch Two New Cloud Managed Service Offerings

Satisnet, in partnership with cloud experts Next2IT, are delighted to launch two exciting cloud-focused services:

These services further complement Satisnet’s portfolio of Cyber Security for Cloud Services, and reinforces our commitment to providing the most efficient and effective solutions to you.

Being experts on ‘the cloud’, both Satisnet and Next2IT recognise that a customers journey to achieve their cloud status is often beset on all sides by the inequities of the provider – from licensing ‘mumbo jumbo’ to astronomical costs. Alongside this, many features and capabilities aren’t optimised by the users, which results in the costs outweighing the vast capabilities that the cloud, and of course the providers, offer.

Satisnet and Next2IT – The Partnership

Leveraging many years in the IT, infrastructure and cloud space, both Satisnet and Next2IT have experienced and solved many of the nuances associated with getting the most out of the cloud. This strategic partnership, and the two services born from this, are designed with the customer at the forefront of the mind – shaping your cloud journey to ensure all features are utilised, whilst keeping control of the bill.

The Service Offerings – In A Nutshell

Cloud Licensing Optimiser Service

  • Not only guarantees to provide a saving, but also optimises your cloud landscape
  • Optimises multi-cloud environments such as Azure, AWS, Google Cloud and IBM Cloud
  • Replaces inefficient cloud resources that are no longer working for your cloud infrastructure

Cloud Transformation Service

  • Take advantage of any, and all, features/nuances within the cloud provider
  • We are ‘Infrastructure as Code’ experts
  • Our multi-cloud approach removes single points of failure, providing unrivalled availability
  • If you want a truly impartial and balanced view on cloud strategy, then we are the perfect partner!

“I am excited to be partnering with Next2IT a leader in the digital cloud space” commented John McCann, Managing Director of Satisnet. “Cloud architectures bring us many advantages, but from a cyber security perspective, they potentially increase an organisations attack surface and their  dynamic nature requires that new, more agile approaches to managing, monitoring and incident response are needed, this is where our partnership with Next2IT comes in.”

Deklan Van De Laarschot, CEO and Founder of Next2IT, commented: “Next2IT are delighted to be partnering with Satisnet to expand their cloud capabilities, we look forward to helping clients exploit the full potential from cloud computing. Satisnet offer a great portfolio of services in the cyber security landscape and we are excited to help clients benefit from the cloud whilst remaining secure”.

For more information on our cloud services, and to find out how you can optimise your cloud structure, please reach out to Satisnet today!