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Security Awareness NanoLearning Training Webinar - Powered by Junglemap

As human beings, we yearn to cut out all the fluff so we can get to what matters. As such, training continues to evolve to cut out as much extraneous detail as possible so the learners can simply get to the point and hear what is need.

NanoLearning helps us cut out all the noise and just focus on what matters. The learning is meant to be quick, sometimes as little as a minute and never over 15 minutes. You take content that was originally all bunched together and break it out into separate “quick-hit” courses. Learners are able to access this content on their own and take it at their own pace, never being overwhelmed or worn down.

During this webinar you will see:

  • The instructional designer can focus just on what matters, so that the content can fit into the trainee's limited time
  • The NanoLearning strategy is a seamless parallel to our employee's needs for just-in-time information, allowing them to learn a specific area, when they need it
  • With NanoLearning, participation, retention, and satisfaction in training is greatly improved

NanoLearning honours the fact that learning can and must happen every day—not just when we have the time to attend a class or take an eLearning program. Register today!

23 February, 2017 - 10:30 to 11:30
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