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Security Blue Team Partnership – Practical, Real-World Defensive Security Training…Finally!

Friday 17th July 2020

Security Blue Team Partnership – Practical, Real-World Defensive Security Training…Finally!

Satisnet Announces Innovative Partnership with Leading SOC/Security Training Specialist – Security Blue Team.

London, UK –  17th July 2020 – Satisnet are pleased to announce a new partnership with innovative SOC/security training specialist, Security Blue Team (SBT). The Satisnet-SBT partnership will deliver practical defensive cyber security skills with a certified learning path to take students from a ‘beginner’ to a cyber security defence ‘specialist’ – all without the usual high-brow costs of traditional security training!

Satisnet and SBT – The Partnership

With SBT, Satisnet will enable individuals and organisations of all sizes to undergo practical, defensive cyber security training to suit all levels. This can be from ‘new starters’ starting out in the security/SOC industry, as well as seasoned professionals looking to ‘top up’ their knowledge and stay ahead of the game. Students will be put to the test with real-life scenarios using industry tooling, to allow your team(s) to constantly adapt and stay ahead of the curve.

The training is aimed at all cyber security levels, and can be tailored to suit your/the team’s development, including:

  • People new to IT and cyber security
  • IT and infrastructure teams wishing to strengthen their cyber security knowledge
  • Existing security and SOC staff

Simply put, SBT do not use multiple choice exams. They teach and test student’s abilities by using practical methods, and that is why the training course have become so popular. Students love getting hands-on with real-world tools, in real-world scenarios, giving them a genuine boost to their career. Fully certified training levels offered by SBT are: Blue Team Level 1 (BTL1), BTL2 and BTL3 – with BTL2/3 currently under strenuous development.

Blue Team Level 1 (BTL1)

Online, self-paced course featuring 275+ lessons, videos, tests, and practical activities covering:

Security Fundamentals
Phishing Analysis
Threat Intelligence
Digital Forensics
Incident Response

Before a challenging 48-hour practical assessment to become certified!

Providing practical, guided training like no other, SBT are an excellent addition to the SOC/security offerings at Satisnet.

Ready to kick-start, refresh and develop your security skills? Get a tailored quote now!

“We’re proud to have Satisnet as our trusted sales partner, to help us to reach and train more individuals and organisations, increasing the security posture of teams worldwide,” stated Joshua Beaman, Founder and Lead Trainer at Security Blue Team. “BTL1 is already being used around the world by law enforcement, financial institutions, telecommunication providers, and multibillion-dollar organisations. Upskill your security team with high-quality practical training, covering real-world tools. No more high price tags or out of date content. Get the training you and your team deserve.”

“Satisnet are a long established MSSP, one of the key challenges we see both internally and with our customers was that there is a need to establish a baseline of core practical cybersecurity skills within security teams and SOC’s,” added John McCann, CEO of Satisnet. “This is where Security Blue Team’s approach shines. It sets a solid foundation for security analysts to grow and nurture their skills.”

About Security Blue Team

SBT is made up from security professionals that are dedicated to passing on their technical skills, helping individuals break into the security industry, or developing existing talent in the industry workforce. SBT deliver practical defensive cyber security skills with a certified learning path to take students from a beginner to a cyber security defence specialist. SBT was created by Joshua Beaman, a 22 year-old Security Analyst from the UK, with a deep interest in all things blue and red team. Joshua is dedicated to providing everyone with quality, practical training content.

At last – practical security training for the modern-day – no tick boxes, just advanced, hands-on security practice!