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Real-Time User Behavior Analytics & Threat Detection

StealthDEFEND combines user behaviour analytics and machine learning with access auditing and sensitive data discovery to not only detect abnormal account behaviour, but accurately assess the risk associated with such behaviour.

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Authentication-Based Attack Detection

StealthDEFEND detects attempts to use common attack vectors to either gain initial access to, or propagate through, an environment. Examples of these attacks include: Brute Force, Lateral Movement, Golden Ticket, Account Hacking, Breached Passwords.

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Malicious Insider Identification

StealthDEFEND detects shifts in behavioural patterns of users and correlates them with the user access information to determine the potential risk they pose to the organisation's data.

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Ransomware & Malware Discovery

StealthDEFEND detects unusual or abnormally high file system activity in short timeframes, as well as operations associated with ransomware presence, such as the creation of files with specific names and file extensions.

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