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Tenable Delivers LCE 5.0.0

Tenable Delivers LCE 5.0.0

Tenable Delivers LCE 5.0.0

Tenable is pleased to announce a major update to the Log Correlation Engine® (LCE®), making it easier to scale horizontally to meet growing organizational demands on performance and redundancy. Additionally, LCE 5.0.0 greatly expands language support for log data. This release will be available on January 30th, 2017.

Scalability and language support with Elasticsearch integration

The biggest update to the Log Correlation Engine in version 5.0.0 is the replacement of our proprietary database format with Elasticsearch. Elasticsearch is a document-store database that wraps Apache Lucene, providing horizontal scaling, built-in indexing, a REST API, and a comprehensive query language. Users unfamiliar with Elasticsearch need not worry - LCE handles setup, schema, and disk usage. Users familiar with Elasticsearch will immediately see the benefits:

  • Horizontal scalability for additional performance and redundancy
  • Integration with other Elasticsearch utilities such as Kibana for faster or more familiar log search, visualizations, and dashboards
  • Language support for Chinese, Japanese, Korean and other characters for storage, index, and query of log data


Custom actions and real-time alerting with the Event Rule Editor

The Event Rules are one of the most powerful features in LCE, giving users the ability to take action and trigger alerts in real time. LCE 5.0.0 now makes the Event Rules much easier to create and maintain. The new editor in the UI guides users through all of the possible filters and actions available.

Event Rules

Enhanced language support with Windows Agent 5.0.0

Tenable will also introduce the LCE 5.0.0 Windows Agent, to coincide with the LCE 5.0.0 Server. The new agent adds the ability to monitor text files and NT event logs with Unicode log data, allowing users to send non-English logs from the LCE agent to the LCE server intact.

This update also greatly eases installation and configuration overhead for administrators by removing some installation requirements and adding full support for DHCP.

For users who need to pare down the data they send from the agent to the server, we’ve also added native NT event log filtering; just specify the event source and event ID to ignore in the agent policy, and you’ll save network bandwidth and CPU while reducing unnecessary log data in the LCE Server.

Improved agent policy management

Policy management gets faster and easier with LCE 5.0.0. Power users who create their own custom policies can now quickly see only those custom policies with the Hide Default button.

Some aesthetic updates were also made to the Policy screen - all of the actions are now exposed by clicking the Modify icon to the right of the policy name. The layout was also modified to ensure constant height rows for easier readability.


Downloading LCE

You can download LCE 5.0.0 and the LCE Windows Agent 5.0.0 from the Tenable Support Portal on January 30, 2017.

Source - Tenable Blog