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“True” Continuous Monitoring

SecurityCenter Continuous View (SecurityCenter CV) collects data from multiple sensors to provide advanced analysis of vulnerability, threat, network traffic and event information and deliver a continuous view of IT security across your environment. It gives you the information you need to continuously adapt and improve your security posture to protect your organisation.

Advanced Analytics

Consolidate and analyse all vulnerability data gathered from multiple Nessus® scanners distributed across your enterprise. Use Assurance Report Cards (ARCs) to measure, analyse, and visualise your security program and evaluate program effectiveness.

Reporting and Dashboards

Leverage pre-built, highly customisable HTML5-based dashboards and reports. Quickly give CISOs, security managers, analysts, and practitioners the visibility and context they need to take decisive action to reduce exposure and risk.

Asset Grouping and Assessment

Dynamically group assets based on policies to obtain a near real-time view into overall risk when new vulnerabilities are discovered. Speed mitigation by identifying how many assets are affected by new vulnerabilities in minutes instead of days, and easily see remediation progress.

Standalone Products

Vulnerability Management & Analytics

SecurityCenter™ consolidates and evaluates vulnerability data across your organisation, prioritising security risks and providing a clear view of your security posture. With SecurityCenter’s pre-built, highly customisable dashboards and reports, and the industry’s only Assurance Report Cards (ARCs), you can visualise, measure and analyse the effectiveness of your security program.

Eliminates Critical Blind Spots

Tenable’s Passive Vulnerability Scanner™ (PVS™) eliminates network blind spots by continuously monitoring network traffic in real-time to discover active assets, identify cloud applications, and detect anomalous activity.

Find Actionable Context in Your Data

  • Normalise, correlate, and analyse event data from a single console
  • Store, compress, and perform full-text search for rapid attack analysis
  • Detect the presence of malware running in your environment
  • Demonstrate compliance with internal and external mandates efficiently
  • Continually assess your security and compliance posture through flexible reporting and consistent metrics

Complimentary Products

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