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Trend Micro Deep Discovery

Proven protection against targeted attacks and advanced persistent threats

The Trend Micro Deep Discovery threat protection platform enables you to detect, analyse, and respond to today’s stealthy, targeted attacks in real time. Deployed as individual components or as a complete cyber security platform, Deep Discovery provides advanced threat protection where it matters most to your organisation. The Deep Discovery platform is the foundation of the Trend Micro Network Defense, integrating your security infrastructure into a comprehensive defense tailored to protect your organisation against targeted attacks.

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Network Attack Detection

Trend Micro Deep Discovery Inspector is a network appliance that monitors traffic across all ports and more than 80 protocols and applications. Using specialised detection engines and custom sandboxing, it identifies the malware, C&C, and activities signalling an attempted attack. Detection intelligence aids your rapid response and is automatically shared with your other security products to block further attack.

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Email Attack Protection

Trend Micro Deep Discovery Email Inspector is an email security appliance that uses advanced malware detection techniques and custom sandboxing to identify and block the spear-phishing emails that are the initial phase of most targeted attacks. It adds a transparent email inspection layer that discovers malicious content, attachments, and URL links that pass unnoticed through standard email security.

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Endpoint Attack Detection

Trend Micro Deep Discovery Endpoint Sensor is a context-aware endpoint security monitor that records and reports detailed system activities to allow threat analysts to rapidly assess the nature and extent of an attack. Indicators of compromise (IOC) intelligence from Deep Discovery and other sources can be used to search endpoints to verify infiltrations and discover the full context and timeline of an attack.

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