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Achieve full visibility and protect what matters most. With a global data collection engine, artificial intelligence-based analysis, and automated remediation, the ZeroFOX Platform protects you from cyber, brand and physical threats on social media & digital platforms.

Gain Visibility

Immediately see beyond your perimeter to catch more threats faster, before they impact your business & employees.

Ensure Control

Dramatically reduce your risk with artificial intelligence-driven analysis, custom policies rules, role-based administration, and robust analytics.

Automate Protection

Eliminate costly, time-intensive threat hunting, manual remediation and data coverage gaps that leave you and your organization exposed.

Other Versions

Make your employees safe on social media from account takeover, credential theft and more

ZeroFOX Employee Protection is ideal for security teams and their employees who rely on social media for business-critical functions, such as marketing teams, customer support, and recruiting, or have access to critical data or systems. These stakeholders are in need of automated account controls and the ability to extend web security to individuals throughout an organization. It is also ideal for security teams extending education and training around social media to the broader workforce.

Protect the websites you own, tackle the ones you don’t

ZeroFOX Web & Domain Protection is ideal for brand managers and marketing teams that want to get ahead of trademark issues and security teams in need of an automated solution to address phishing attacks that impersonate or squat on company-related URLs.

Get around-the-clock cyber and real-world situational awareness

Executive & VIP Protection is ideal for corporate security and executive protection teams who need to extend visibility and situational awareness to the social & digital world, enabling them to best safeguard their executives or other high-value people, such as public figures, talent, celebrities, athletes and more.

Maximize your customer engagement by stopping brand risks before they go viral

ZeroFOX Brand Protection is ideal for brand managers, marketing teams and security teams addressing external threats to their reputation, online brand, and customer engagement.

Enable your organisation to identify and manage complex risks

ZeroFOX Enterprise Protection is ideal for security operations, corporate security and risk & threat intelligence teams in need of a powerful, robust solution for enterprise-grade security visibility & controls around social media & digital platforms.

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